Landon Ciccarone

Two Months Old!

Landon getting his vaccines

I got my first set of vaccines today!  I handled it really well and I’m now sporting two bandaids, one on each of my chubby legs.  Oh!  And my doctor said I can finally start tummy time!

Here are some updates:

  • I weigh in at 16lbs 13oz and I’m 23.5″ tall
  • I’m cooing and smiling a lot more
  • I learned this squeaky high-pitched squeal
  • I like my bouncy chair and fall asleep to the vibrations
  • Nicknames being tossed around are Chico, Meatball, LT., and Niño
  • Music stops me from crying, sometimes

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I’m One Month Old!

Happy Birthday to me, I’m already a month old and weigh in at 12lbs 10oz!  Everything has been making a little more sense to me and I’m trying my best to develop some sort of sleeping pattern, but I’m so hungry all the time.  I can’t wait to get off this liquid diet and eat some solid foods, I hear my dad makes a pretty good spaghetti & meatballs dish.

This week I’ve started:

  • To sit up more!  I really like to sit up, it calms me down – until I suddenly don’t like it and start screaming.
  • To focus my eyes on people’s faces more.  Staring at the ceiling fan is more fun though.
  • Find my own voice, I sound really cute and can already impersonate goats, horses, elephants, and cats.

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3 Weeks Old

Landon is 21 days today!  He’s healthy, active, and becoming more alert as each day passes.  His legs seem very strong and pose a problem while he’s kicking and we’re trying to change his diaper.

He went to his first school play yesterday.  His sisters brought down the house performing The Crowded House and he got a little excited every time the actors spoke in unison – grunting and growling.

Look at this basketball stomach full of mom’s milk:

Landon Ciccarone, 3 weeks old

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I’m Two Weeks Old!

Oh man, this has been the longest two weeks of my life!  There have been a lot of things going on and I’m keeping mom and dad on their toes.  I’m becoming a little more aware of my surroundings and less blobby as the days go on.  Here are some facts about day 0 to 14:

  • Not really a fan of the pacifier, it’s hard to keep it in my mouth.
  • I like mom a little more because she supplies my food.
  • I’m hungry almost all the time.
  • I’ve peed on my dad at least four times, and once in his eyeball.
  • I have gained a pound since my birthday.
  • I fart a lot and growl and grunt like I’m a wild animal.
  • I’m healthy, but I’ve got some thrush and diaper rash going on.
  • I had my second doctor’s appointment this morning:

Landon's Second Doctors Appointment

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Hello, World (well almost)

I’m just about ready to make my entrance and get out of my mom’s tummy!  My official due date is about a week away but I’ve been moshpitting around in there and I’ve almost run out room.

Anyways, welcome to my personal website, my dad is a web developer and is obviously writing on my behalf until I can take this over myself.   I can’t wait to start my life and be surrounded with all of these people who’ll love me so much – thanks for stopping by, I look forward to sharing some of my most special moments with you.

Oh yea, check out my latest photo:

Landon Ciccarone - 4D Ultrasound Photo

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